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Montague Premier brings cleaner burning fuels to you!

You may have noticed a new green pump at the station. This is the new E85 biofuel, or Flex Fuel. Click the link below for more information or come by the Car Wash for a list of Flex Fuel vehicles.

Learn about E85 Flex Fuel.

Premier Car Wash is the community's leading authority in auto wash and detail shop services. Our exceptional services are designed for the discerning owner, with the commitment towards personal attention, care and respect for both vehicle, as well as owner, at the top of our lists.
Our Auto Wash and Detail Shop covers an enormous assortment of specific services, including hand waxing and complete detailing of your precious buggy. We'll be looking forward to meeting you!

Premier Car Wash is a member of:

Western Car Wash Association
Western Car Wash Association
National Association Convenience Stores
National Association Convenience Stores

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Premier Car Wash, San Jose
Located one block west of Highway 880, on Southwest corner of Montague Expressway and O'Toole Avenue.

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